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At our firm, we have the client—and only the client—in mind.

Our reasons for becoming financial professionals are deeply personal. We repeatedly saw many friends and family struggling to find the help they needed to map out their financial future. We are confident that with our understanding of personal finance, coupled with our training as financial professionals, we can help people better prepare for the future. After years in the business, we strive to earn a reputation for educating individuals in an easy-to-understand manner so they can grasp personal finance and use those concepts to pursue their financial objectives. We feel a commitment to our community.

At our firm, we have the client—and only the client—in mind.

Over the years, we have found that a team approach can be an effective method to help clients who have a wide variety of needs as they maneuver through a complex financial-services world. We invite you to discover and experience the power of our services. We believe it has far-reaching benefits for our clients to get opinions from several sources with diverse backgrounds, education, and experience.

No one strategy fits everyone, which is why every client gets our undivided attention—from planning to execution to follow-up. We take a proactive approach to helping you develop a strategy to address your financial goals and objectives, using the most efficient methods available.

Bradley Waznik

Financial Advisor


Brad Waznik is the owner of Waznik Moseler Group, LLC which he founded with the vision of improving lives by offering great financial advice at a fair price.

With over 25 years of investment management experience, Brad is seasoned in individual portfolio design, financial planning, group qualified plan benefits and retirement distribution strategies.  He graduated from the University of St. Thomas with a B.A. in finance.  Brad believes in working with a network of professionals in the key areas of tax planning, legal counsel, banking and insurance is essential to financial success.

Brad and his wife, Marni, reside in Menomonie and have three children: Bryan, Dana and Brett.  He is an active member of Lions Club International and has served on numerous non-profit boards. 

Bryan LaVoy

Financial Advisor


Bryan has 15 years of experience in financial services with an emphasis on personal financial planning and retirement planning.  Bryan graduated with a B. S. in industrial engineering from Iowa State University.

Bryan works to educate clients about their investments and retirement income plans and to implement purposeful investment strategies.  He believes clients deserve options tailored to their specific goals and personal risk tolerances.

Bryan and his wife Debbie live in Menomonie and have two adult children: Andy and Daniel.  He has held leadership positions in community organizations such as Rotary and is the event director for the Menomonie Gran Fondo, part of the North Star Bicycle Festival.

Jerry Kroseman

Financial Advisor



Jerry has over 20 years of experience in financial services. His primary focus is on wealth accumulation and distribution strategies with an emphasis on providing a level of service that investors expect and deserve. Jerry helps clients manage risk through life insurance and disability planning. He is experienced in qualified retirement plan design and business continuation strategies for small business. Jerry is very knowledgeable in helping people plan for retirement, design income strategies and create their legacies.

 Jerry resides in Superior with his wife, Bernadine. They have 2 children, Stephanie and Paul, both graduates of the University of Minnesota—Duluth. He has served 2 terms as a county 4-H board member.

Jerry Hagman

Financial Advisor



Jerry has over 25 years of experience in the world of finance and investment services. Specializing in 401(k) / pension rollovers, IRA transfers, business retirement plans, college savings plans, long-term care, life and disability insurance, as well as tax deferred annuities.

Jerry worked as a specialist and trader on the floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange and co-owned a trading broker/dealership based in the heart of the Chicago Financial district. He also owned a small business for several years specializing in antiques, artwork, and collectibles giving him a distinctive insight into business financial needs.

Jerry and his wife currently reside on Long Lake in Birchwood, WI, where they enjoy the outdoors, boating, and their wonderful relatives, friends and neighbors.

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